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Express Highway & Metro Rail Connectivity

(Original TP MAP)

Ahmedabad – Dholera – Bhavnagar Express Highway- 1.5Km

The express highway connecting the AHMEDABAD MEGA city and DHOLERA and BHAVNAGAR on the other side. It is envisaging that new Industry cluster to be developed along the spine would considerably benefit with central linkage. It also acts as catalyst to other developments in the region in general and that of SIR in particulars.

Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad-Dholera Metro Rail Connectivity -1.5 km

Metro rail the distance between Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad – Dholera is to be covered in two trenches from Ghandhinagar to Ahmedabad & ahmedabad to Dholera. It is about 100 Kms. This will provide faster movement and even otherwise important for Dholera International Airport. Metro is also approved under DMIC Master Plan by Central Government.

ABCD Building 1.5 km

ABCD Building (Administrative and Business Centre of Dholera) which is smart city’s HUB. ABCD Building Monitoring Governance, Healthcare, safety and security, Education Transportation, Industrial Growth, Utilities and Economy.