Palm Greens Elegance

The Location does make it great place to stay, no matter what you do, A space to call you own township, yet self-sustaining and close to everything you would ever need. It’s about living the way you want to without be compromising on your lifestyle preferences.

Palm Greens Elegance will be close proximity to Dholera International Airport, exceptional school college, mall, multiplex, hospital, hotel, restaurants, banks and will provide many opportunities for entertainment.

Seamless connectivity:
With the highways having at least 6 or 8 lanes, they offer seamless commute to the city-centre and far flung places, which make them lucrative. Additionally, a sound network of social infrastructure is being planned and developed by various state and central government authorities along major highways across the nation, which eventually would improve the overall living experience of the emerging micro-markets soon.

Township advantage:
The highways usually have township projects where you get everything under one roof. It makes way for a good lifestyle within reach. Such houses are available at affordable prices at the moment and the locations are already attracting a lot of investors for commercial properties as well. However, with the highways witnessing massive infrastructural development such as Metro project, these might witness exponential capital growth in the next couple of years.

Project Location @ Dholera Smart City

Palm Greens Elegance located
near Dholera International Airport only 4 Km away

Location Advantage
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