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  • Pacificus Infradeveloper Pvt. Ltd. launched "Palm Greens ICON”residential plotted project at Dholera Smart City.
  • “Palm Greens ICON” residential project located in TP-1, Dholera Phase-1, Development Area.
  • "Palm Greens ICON" Premium residential plotting project at TP-1.
  • Project Located 55 Meters Wide TP Road Front Facing and just 300 Meters away from Ahmedabad Dholera Express Highway.

“Palm Greens ICON” Project have great location advantages

  1. 55 Meter Wide TP Road - 0.0 Meter
  2. LRT Metro - 50 Meter
  3. BRT Connectivity - 50 Meter
  4. Ahmedabad - Dholera Express Highway -300 Meters
  5. Kadipur Metro Station - 500 Meters
  6. ABCD Building -2. Kilometer
  7. Knowledge & IT Park Zone –1 Kilometer
  8. City Centre Zone - 3 Kilometer
  9. CBD Metro Station - 3 Kilometer

55 Meter TP Road Touch Residential Project

(Original TP MAP)

55 Meter TP Road have all Public Transport Facility

  • LRT Metro Connectivity
  • BRT Connectivity
  • Foot - Path
  • Cycling Track
  • Tree’s Planting Strips
  • ICT / Power Cable Network
  • 55 Meter road direct access to Express Highway
  • 55 Meter road direct connect to Ahmedabad - Dholera
  • high-speed metro connectivity

“Plug and Play” approach wherein all the land parcels are fully ICT Enable and completely build-up infrastructure is offered right plot level. Dholera’s uniqueness is that it’s the first city in India where all underground utilities like GAS, ICT, Power, Portable Water, Sewer, Pipes and Strom Water with the capability of handling the growing demands of the City

Express Highway & Metro Rail Connectivity

  • Ahmedabad - Dholera 10 Lane Express Highway only – 300 Meter away.
  • This Express Highway is 250 Meter wide Highway with Main Junction Kadipur Station.

(Original TP MAP)

Ahmedabad - Dholera - Bhavnagar
Express Highway –300 Meter

The Express Highway Connecting the AHMEDABAD MEGA city and DHOLERA and BHAVNAGAR on the other side. It is envisaging that the new Industry cluster to be developed along the spine would considerably benefit with central linkage. It also acts as catalyst to other developments in the region in general and that of SIR in particular.

Kadipur Metro Station only–500 Meter

(Original TP MAP)

Gandhingar - Ahmedabad - Dholera
Metro Rail Connctivity–500 Meter

Metro rail distance between GANDHINAGAR - AHMEDABAD - DHOLERA is to be covered in two treaches from Gandhingar to Ahmedabad & Ahmedabad to Dholera. It is about 100 km. This will provide faster movement and even otherwise important for Dholera International Airport Metro is also approved under DMIC master plan by
Central Government.

CBD - (Central Business District of Dholera) –3 Km

(Original TP MAP)

Central Business District (CBD) –3 Km

Central Piece of Dholera is CBD, This building is masterpiece of designand art, and iconic structure, stand out new print of Gujarat in Genuity and enterprising spirit.

ABCD Building –2.5 Km away

(Original TP MAP)

ABCD Building

Administrative and Business Centre for Dholera which is smart city’s HUB.ABCD Building Monitoring Governance, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Education, Transportation, Industrial Growth, Utilities and Economy.

  • DSIRDA Office
  • Command Control Centre
  • Business & Exhibition Centre
  • Town Planning Office
  • Auditorium City
  • Mayor Office
  • Control Rooms
  • SPV Office

Knowledge & IT Park Zone only – 1 Km Away

  • All Business / IT Park and Education Campus in Knowledge & IT Park Zone. Like University, Education Campus, Mall, Multiplex, Super Multi-Story Residential Apartment, Business Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Bank, Hospital, Research Institute, Education Campus, etc.

(Original TP MAP)

Knowledge & IT Park Zone:

  • Business IT Park / IT Park / Education Park
  • University Campus
  • School / Collage / Medical Collage attached Hospital
  • Diagnostic / Radiology Centre
  • Multiplex Cinema Hall
  • Restaurant – Café
  • Hostel
  • Technical Institute for Research and Development
  • Library
  • Bank / Financial Institute
  • Recreational / Gym / Health Club
  • Creche / Day-Care Centre
  • Garden / Playground
  • Multi-Level Parking
  • Petrol Pump / CNG / LPG Pump

City Centre Zone – 3 Km

  • All Commercial Property Like Mall, Multiplex, Offices, Hotel, Financial Institute, Public Facility Zone, Hospital, University, Education Campus near to location

(Original TP MAP)

City Centre Zone Benefit:

  • Super Mall / Multiplex / Cinema Hall
  • Hotel / Bank / Restaurant / Café
  • Super Commercial Centre / All Retails Shop
  • Super Multi-Story Residential Apartment
  • 5 Star / 4 Star Hotel
  • Commercial Offices / Building / Complex
  • Hospital / Health Centre
  • Designated Bazaar / Hawker Zone
  • Professional Collage / Library School / Training Centre
  • Bank / Financial Institute
  • Recreational Club / Health Club / Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant - Café / Food Street
  • Multi-Level Parking
  • Large Department Store
  • Police Headquarters / City Court
  • Collage / Education Centre
  • Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Public Library / Museum / Art Gallery
  • Regional Post Office
  • Petrol Pump

Project Location as per Zone

Project Location as per TP planning

Palm Greens ICON - Project Location Benefit

55 Meter Wide TP Road - 0.0 Meter

ABCD Building - 2 km

Ahmedabad - Dholera Express Highway - 300 Meter

LRT Metro - 50 Meter

Dholera International Airport - 10 Km

BRT Connctivity - 50 Meter

Kadipur Metro Station - 500 Meter

University - 1 Km

City Center Commercial Area - 3 Km

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