Palm Greens Paradise

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  • "Palm Greens Paradise” Luxury Lifestyle residential plotted project at Dholera Smart City.
  • “Palm Greens Paradise” residential project located in TP-2 East Activation Area.

Luxury Living Lifestyle @ Palm Greens Paradise

Residential Zone Permitted

Luxury communities exceed luxury living, and you’ll find that there are many advantages that come along with becoming a resident of one. Lifestyles today are more personal than ever. Convenience is the key for all actions. Where we stay largely dictates the quality of life and the beauty of it.

Recommended that new construction building adhere to sustainability guidelines laid out by the Green Rating for Integrated Habited Assessment rating system developed, to provide for development of residential, recreational, religious and educational facilities as basic elements of a balance community.

All residential area will be developed with a comprehensive range of community facility, including school, medical facility, neighbourhood retails and open space.

55 Meter & 70 Meter Wide – 1 Km

(Original TP MAP)

55 Meter TP Road have all Public Transport Facility

  • LRT Metro Connectivity
  • BRT Connectivity
  • Foot - Path
  • Cycling Track
  • Tree’s Planting Strips
  • ICT / Power Cable Network
  • 55 Meter road direct access to Express Highway
  • 55 Meter road direct connect to Ahmedabad - Dholera
  • High-speed metro connectivity

1 Km Away of 55 Meter & 70 Meter Wide TP Road

"Plug and Play" approach wherein all the land parcels are fully ICT Enable and completely build-up infrastructure is offered right plot level.

Dholera’s uniqueness is that it’s the first city in India where all underground utilities like GAS, ICT, Power, Portable Water, Sewer, Pipes and Strom Water with the capability of handling the growing demands of the City

Project Location as per Zone

Project Location as per TP planning

Palm Greens Paradise - Project Location Benefit

55 Meter Wide TP Road - 1 Km

LRT Metro - 1 Km

Tourism & Resort - 1 Km

ABCD Building - 8 km

Dholera International Airport - 18 Km

BRT Connctivity - 1 Km

Water Side Area - 1 Km

School Collage - 1 Km

City Center Commercial Area - 7.5 Km

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